Project Phases

This page describes the original concept of how to accomplish the project through progressing phases. Theses phases will overlap with each other and while the final process may not unfold exactly as described here, this provides you an idea of what needs to be accomplished and the general concept of how it will be done.

Phase One

  • —Create a 501C3
    • Friends of Eliestoun nfp
  • —Build website to accept donations and provide information:
    • –History of Eliestoun
    • –Project as a whole
    • –Update on progress
  • —Create fund-raising projects
  • —Check “The Shell”
    • Foundation, roof, downspouts, windows, outside structure issues
  • —Have Green Designer, Building Change Manager, and Project Manager build consensus and obtain final cost projection (2 – 3 people)
  • —Remove asbestos
  • Form an Eliestoun Board

Phase Two

  • —Give final approval to plans of Green Designer, Building Change Manager, and Project Manager, with final project approval from the Eliestoun Board
  • —Accept any well-defined deviation from approved plan before continuing
  • Check plumbing, electrical, HVAC, other
  • Fund-raising

Phase Three

  • Have building (including walls and bathrooms) remain as is
    • Accommodate any compliance issues: ADA, fire safety, etc.
  • Build protective pathway for amphibians
  • Allow Forest Ecology students to design arboretum/grounds
  • Let Sustainability minors/class(es) assess solar and vertical wind turbine products/implementation requirements
  • Use Mass Communication courses: PIR, Pilot, Photography, Video, Marketing, and Public Relations
  • Repair stone pillars/walls
    • Leading into Ewing Wood and Eliestoun Circle
  • Fund-raising

Phase Four

  • —House
  • —Arboretum
  • —Solar/Wind
  • —Fund-raising

Phase Five

  • —Continue Fund-raising by building endowment
    • –Maintenance and Repairs
    • –Enhancements
  • Redefine Eliestoun Board Members and role
  • —Define RA position—
  • —Sponsor events at Eliestoun