Board of Directors

We have begun filling positions on the Board of Eliestoun. We currently have a President, Vice-President, Website Maintenance Coordinator, Communications Head, Metaphysical Head, Parliamentarian, and a Secretary. We are looking to fill additional Board positions of: Treasurer, Head of Fundraising (donors), Head of Enterprise (projects raising funds for Friends of Eliestoun), and Historical Landmark Status Liaison. In addition and vital to the success of the project, we need to find a Project Manager and an Architect. (We do have information on several interested architects and will begin reviewing them and their current interest in the next month or two.) If you are interested in filling any of these needed positions, or if you know of someone who is, please email us at We’d be happy to respond.

Lease with Principia

We are in the process of finalizing a lease with Principia which will only include the house itself as Principia already pays land stewards to be in charge of the land surrounding Eliestoun, and they would like to maintain that status. We will be supporting the renewal of the arboretum as funds allow and they, in turn, will provide free access to the grounds for use during events, etc.

Creation of Friends of Eliestoun

As required for the not-for-profit corporation application, we formulated Purpose and Mission Statements which are available on this website. You will see in these statements the desire to renew and revitalize Eliestoun for the benefit of Principia, its students, and academic programs.  Officially, as of September 11, 2014, a not-for-profit group exists called “Friends of Eliestoun nfp.” A 1023 form is almost completed which applies for federal tax-deductible status. Once application has been made, the Friends of Eliestoun nfp can accept actual donations. Until that time, we can only receive pledges.