Japanese Maple Tree Work – Phase Two

Ben Chu, an expert craftsman from Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, installed special supports for the Japanese maple tree at Eliestoun.

This completes the work begun earlier by Skip Kincaid and his crew from Hansen’s Tree Service of O’Fallon, Missouri.

Special thanks to Diane and Monte Powell who generously funded this preservation effort, stemming from their love for Eliestoun. This video was funded from an anonymous donor who shares their appreciation for Eliestoun and its grounds.

4 thoughts on “Japanese Maple Tree Work – Phase Two”

  1. I heard the arborist say there is a fungal infection in the base of the Japanese maple. He did not mention addressing the infection with a fungicide injection or any other control. Was anything done? Fungicide and insecticide injections to the trees on my property have been very effective in eradicating diseases and pests. Please let me know.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment and question about treating the infection in the Japanese maple tree. Friends of Eliestoun inquired in more detail than the video includes, with Skip and Ben, and other experts. The types of treatments available seemed to include significant other health risks for a tree of the size and age of the one at Eliestoun. The majority opinion has been to keep an eye on the areas where infection has been identified to see what changes in the coming years.

  2. Thanks for the dedicated work to preserve Eliestoun. I just lost a focal tree in my yard due to a fungal infection my lawn service discovered. I hope the Japanese Maple can be saved indefinitely.

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