Progress with Eliestoun

It’s been so long since we’ve communicated with you about Eliestoun that we would like to bring you up-to-date.

The Friends of Eliestoun Board meets every week. We are actively taking steps that are needed before we can make emergency repairs or conduct tours of the building.

Here are those steps:

  1. We have been interviewing project managers, architects, and other workers who are interested in our project.
  2. We are securing an appraisal and proper insurance coverage.
  3. We are composing a Letter of Intent with Principia, to be followed up with a final lease.

Summer Sessioners will be arriving here June 13th, and we want to share with them our project. This may be by means of an information table in the concourse and a projection in the concourse of an Eliestoun video.

Don’t forget If you know of some people who would like to know more about Eliestoun, invite them to add their email address to our list from our homepage.

We are grateful for all of your support for this project, and appreciate your commitment to restoring Eliestoun to its former beauty. Thank you for your prayerful, financial, and social contributions to the efforts to save Eliestoun.

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