Eliestoun Milestones and Logo


Things have been very active for the Friends of Eliestoun Board in the last few months. We would love to share some of the highlights with you.

  • We selected a logo for Eliestoun from the many submissions we received.
    • We appreciated all the entries and had a tough time choosing. The winning submission is from Brad Cornelius. Thank you, Brad! We are in the process of having 11 x 16 prints made, though the price for them has not yet been set. Please email and let us know if you’d be interested in purchasing one.
  • We met Milestone 2.
    • Milestone 2 is a budget for restoration of the building envelope (roof, siding, windows, doors, cornices, etc.) and maintenance of existing interior heating and cooling systems sufficient to maintain climate control. Our original due date for this Milestone was December 31, 2015. We exercised a 30-day extension and presented the milestone to Principia on January 29, 2016.
  • What we’re working on now:
    • We are forming an Advisory Panel made up of people who love Eliestoun and want to offer their expertise. These areas include but are not limited to: Financial/Fundraising, PR/Marketing, Legal, Accounting, Grant Research and Writing, Eco-Tourism, Corporate Interest, Local Elsah Business Interest; Historic Preservation, Network Development, Experiential Education, Continuing Education. The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to act as a select and continuing “brain trust” to receive, offer and vet ideas and to advise Friends of Eliestoun Board and its consultants towards achieving our goal.
    • Our next milestone requires the presentation of the program idea by March 10th. The program idea includes what will take place both in and around Eliestoun that will generate income. The Advisory Panel will help with this, to see that it is feasible, flexible, and sustainable over the life of the lease.

It has been exciting to progress toward completing the Feasibility Study. We will be in touch shortly after completing the next milestone.

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