Milestone #3 Met

We have met Milestone #3 with Principia. This included space-use diagrams for each floor of Eliestoun, demonstrating an arrangement of residential suites on the second and third floors with a design of the first floor to accommodate formal or casual assemblies. Viewing the plans for the first time was a moment when the potential of this historic building shone again.

Our last update showed the artwork by Brad Cornelius, and now we are ready to begin selling this beautiful representation of Eliestoun as a poster. The posters are 15 inches by 23.5 inches on heavy stock paper. They will brighten a room, revive memories of Eliestoun, and show the promise of what can be its revitalization today. As part of our fundraising effort, they are for sale on our website for $40. That price includes shipping and handling inside the United States. They will be sent in a mailing tube. If you would like to make a donation that exceeds the price of the poster, a letter can be mailed to you, if requested, confirming the portion of your donation that is tax-deductible. We are happy to provide one. You may order posters now.

Meanwhile, some friends have offered a new matching challenge of $5,000. We are pleased and grateful. This will help toward paying the many expenses we are incurring, including the firm we are working with, our professional fundraiser, our tax accountant, and our website. Three of us were part of a rummage sale on Saturday, March 5, resulting in donations totaling $140. We’re trying to help. Can you help, too?

Entering the next phases of our effort to preserve Eliestoun, we are seeking to expand our Board of Directors and to create a Development Committee. If you are willing and able to serve, particularly in a capacity on the Development Committee, both friend-raising and fund-raising, we would love to hear from you. We also would appreciate any contact information you have for other people who might serve in this capacity.

Thursday, March 24, we will be meeting on the St. Louis Principia campus from 6–8pm Central Time with our newly-formed Advisory Panel and our newly-selected professional fundraiser. You are welcome to join us by conference call. We can send you more information if you let us know that you are interested.

Always feel free to share names and thoughts with

Thank you, all, for your prayers and other efforts to help in this grand project.

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  1. You have done an amazing job. I fully support all your tireless hours and hard work…

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