Milestone #4 Complete

Good news – we met Milestone #4, which was a 23-page Initial Concept set of drawings produced by Cohen Hilberry Architects of St. Louis. Included were: diagrams for fire rating, acoustic and demolition; initial concept drawings for the site, plans for each floor of the manor plus the basement and roof, building elevations of each side, finish floor plans and a detailed schedule for repairing windows. The small field office was also included.

The final Milestone #5 is due to Principia at the end of this week. It will include a full program description as well as funding plans. Our Advisory Panel and Development Group discussed the program idea of ecotourism, which expanded to an Eliestoun Preserve – involving architectural history, sustainability, and conservation. This concept allows Friends of Eliestoun to apply as a not-for-profit for federal and state grants, as well as for funding from various foundations. The board feels that a large portion of funding can be obtained from these types of grants.

There are a number of ways you can help the project as we prepare for the presentation,. We hope you’ll jump on board with us!

First, it would be a huge help to have your prayerful support. The board has focused on the unlimited nature of Love, and the fact that a right idea comes with the supply for that idea. Nothing that we are doing can take away from the Love and supply needed for Principia and its many worthwhile projects.

Second, immediate funds are needed to complete the final milestone with Principia, prior to securing our lease of Eliestoun. We have in place an active matching gift of $5,000, and we’d love to meet it. All donations will be doubled. Please consider donating now.

Third, please know that we will soon request letters of support to Principia in the 90 days after the final milestone is presented. We could use one from you! These will be “official” letters (not just casual emails), addressed to Douglas Gibbs, Principia College, Elsah, IL, but sent to (or mailed to Friends of Eliestoun, PO Box 35, Elsah, IL 62028). If you choose to write, your letter should include your name and address and state why you believe the Friends of Eliestoun should be allowed to renew and revitalize the Eliestoun estate. Please be thinking of what you would like to say. We will contact everyone with another email when we are ready for the letters of support.

The board wants to thank those who have taken time to attend the Advisory Panel and Development Committee sessions through GoToMeeting. Thanks, too, to those who have followed the proceedings through the minutes of those meetings. Your input, insight and enthusiasm are deeply appreciated and have helped move the project forward. If you are not yet actively involved and would like to be – we invite you!

We have a meeting tonight, Tuesday, April 26, with our Advisory Panel, again from 6 to 8pm Central Time. Please let us know if you are interested in attending (in person or online), and we will send you more information.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful support and for considering what you might include in your (future) letter of support.

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