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Eliestoun at Thanksgiving 2022

We have just finished a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend. This gives us an opportunity to review our blessings from the past year regarding Eliestoun:

  • We are grateful for the continued interest in Eliestoun and its place in Elsah and Principia history.
  • We are grateful for College President John Williams’ support of the Eliestoun project by approving funds for bringing water to the site and providing heating in the building, as well as other improvements.
  • We are grateful for the progress we have made on the main floor of the home. Ceilings have been scraped and painted, woodwork cleaned and renewed, a fireplace restored, and the main entranceway off of the driveway rebuilt.
  • We are grateful we were able to open the home and give tours to interested people during Summer Session, both Alumni Weekends, and Homecoming. Many people really appreciated the opportunity to see the interior of this gracious and lovely home.
  • We are grateful that a brief article on Eliestoun will be included in the next Historic Elsah Foundation newsletter, Issue 121.
  • We are grateful for your continued support of our project. It is hard to believe that we began this project eight years ago, but we continue to be hopeful about the future of this property.

You also surely have many blessings for which to be thankful. Thank you for staying attuned to our project. We wish you a happy and blessed holiday season.

Friends of Eliestoun

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